Performace Testing Fundamentals with JMeter

Performace Testing Fundamentals with JMeter 9 Min

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As you said there is no framework in jmeter but i learnt that there are frameworks in jmeter like datadriven etc

  • Trainer

    We build scenarios for testing in load testing. The data for those scenarios can be read from external source. May be in that context someone might be calling it data driven framework. But in load testing its not like running test cases. Its more like putting the load and then analyzing results, correcting and then again putting the load. So this kind of execution is done. We dont have tests here to run in batch like we do in frameworks


Payal Sethi

Please explain more with example what is Load time actually?



How 4 request are serving in 1 second. I can see only 1 request and 3 response. Could you please explain me this.

  • Support

    If a request is taking 250 milliseconds and the requests are serial, then in one second, 4 requests can be served.