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yogesh Posted on 09/09/2020

Hi Abhishek,

pls mail me the new Jmeter videos  .jmx file, retail Projects code  file.

mail me any your Project files as well.

my email id --yogeshbhavsar050 at gmail [dot] com 

yogesh Replied on 10/09/2020


I had enrolled in Jmeter class. But can not access class videos. i  had download code from given URL but its old code. Please check the attached screenshots for the same.  Please send me new videos .jmx file and Projects files code retail Projects code and grafna configuration files.
kindly do needful asap.

Abhishek Puri Replied on 17/09/2020

Hello Yogesh, The code is not needed if you're following the videos. Secondly, regarding the retail app, The link is already available in the Part Description.

yogesh Replied on 18/09/2020


I can not access my jmeter batch videos earlier access was there.  give access of my jmeter  if it not possible  then other batch where all topics are cover with details examples.

JMeter code needed for practice  pre-recorded videos. . one can get an idea from it. just the following video is not enough.


Abhishek Puri Replied on 10/11/2020

Please provide reply for videos issue in another post created by you. Link provided below

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