JMeter Test Script Recorder | How to record Script

JMeter Test Script Recorder | How to record Script 8:04 min

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How to interpret the real time JMeter project after the result execution?


Ashish Kumar

Hi, is using https and it is always giving me error like "Your connection is not private" also, it is not recording as mentioned in tutorial video as explained. Please look on this. Thanks


Sundar M(Subscriber of Jmeter training)

Hi, I've configured localhost port:8888. But I'm unable to access the internet site. Could please guide me.

  • Support Desk

    Please make sure that the JMeter HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder is configured properly and is running as well.


kishore papisetti

followed the same navigation, Subelements are not gettting recorded for me, not sure why is it so

  • Support

    Sub elements may get ignored if you have made some changes in HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder