Difference between Ramp up Response time and TPS | JMeter Forum
Reetika Posted on 16/10/2018

Abhishek Puri Replied on 16/10/2018

RampUp: The time to be taken by the threads to start
Response Time: The time taken by the request to provide a response
TPS: As the name says transactions per second. The number of requests processed per second.

Reetika Replied on 22/10/2018

Is this statement correct ? - if TPS increased then the response time will be decreased..

Abhishek Puri Replied on 13/11/2018

It is also one of the factors on which response time depends. Network is also one of the factors for the higher response time.

charles japhe Replied on 23/11/2020

In my experince, as TPS goes up, Response Time goes up as well.  This is in relation to Num of Vusers, Server Reasources (CPU, Ram, etc...)

Abhishek Puri Replied on 08/12/2020

The more number of users are accessing the app, the more are the chances of increased response time.