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N Posted on 12/05/2020


I am trying to calculate 90% response time against threshold value in Jmeter. Idea is to run that test in CI mode.

Basic requirement: thread count is one but needs to run for 50 times. so I have added loop count


Also, in following groovy script I would like to store all the load time in the list. can I use post-processor for this or listener?

//list to store time

    List<Long> responseTimeList = new ArrayList()

// the list filling


// store variables

vars.putObject("responseTimeList", responseTimeList) 

the only issue with the above script it does not add all the load time for all the request , it contains only one load time. Can you please able to check what needs to change here?


Following script, I would like to run once after all the loop finished to check 90% response time. Can you please suggest what listener shall I use which will run only once?


//get the list in another list

List<Long> timeList = vars.getObject("responseTimeList")


Long FinalResponsetime = 0

Long ThresholdTime= 3000;

//Long threads = ctx.getThreadGroup().getNumberOfThreads()   // this line gets current threads, this is the reason using list.size(), but some how list store only single value

int threads = timeList.size()"(threads: " + threads);

int index = (threads*9)/10


FinalResponsetime = timeList.get(index)"(90% Response time: " + FinalResponsetime);


if(FinalResponsetime>=ThresholdTime) {


      sampleResult.setResponseMessage("Error: 90% Average response time"+ "FinalResponsetime"+ " is greater than threshold "+ThresholdTime );"ThresholdTime: " + ThresholdTime);



can you please able to help me with.

Thank you,


Abhishek Puri Replied on 18/05/2020

Please share your project so that I can suggest you a solution.

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